Smoking Ciggarettes is Like…

Smoking Ciggarettes is Like…


The ad, sponsored by the Association for Nonsmokers’ Rights, features a teenage boy who could be construed to be performing oral sex on a man in a suit, except the teen has a cigarette in his mouth. A caption reads, “Smoking means being a slave to tobacco.” There are two other ads in the same vein, one featuring an adolescent girl.

Ok, here are some thoughts:

  • Why do they gotta be wearing suits?
  • Why is the man with the boy wearing his suit jacket? Are they saying older gay buisness men are sharp dressers that can’t relax?
  • Why is the man with the younger girl slightly fat and not wearing a jacket? Are you saying straight older dudes can’t take care of them selves and hate wearing suit jackets all day?
  • How come all these people are white?
  • Why you gotta be so racist, Association for Nonsmokers?


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